Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's true. My posts have been more infrequent as of late. Part of that is the fact that very little of what is happening now is new. I'm in the middle of treatment and I've kind of hit a rhythm. We're not waiting on any test results and we're too far from the end of this to start talking with any seriousness about surgery or anything after. Rhythm, rut, whatever you want to call it...we're there.

Tomorrow, I will see the doctor again, but I'm not expecting any excitement. It's basically just a follow-up appointment. He'll do a physical exam and measure the size of the lump with a tape measure. I keep hoping that he won't be able to find it (since I can't find it these days), but sure enough, dammit, he appears to know what he's doing and finds it every time.

In the meantime, I have spent this weekend operating under the impression (perhaps a flawed impression) that I am capable of ignoring cancer and chemo all together and living my life on the first really summery day in KC doing exactly as I did before cancer or chemo. Yesterday, I woke up early, went lawn and garden shopping with a friend, and helped her do yard work and plant flowers out in the sun all day. We washed my car as well and didn't go in until 5:00. I then went home and Joe and I went for a 3 mile jog. This is all damn impressive. Of course, today I am BEYOND sore, but I plan on trying to go again this evening.

Today's plan is to go out to my friend's country club and spend the day by the pool. I realize I'm supposed to be sun sensitive due to the chemo, but if I head off to Mexico at the end of June as pasty as I was in addition to the sun sensitivity, I'm going to hurt myself. I'm attempting to build up a base and I'm having a lot of luck with it! All in all, it's a great 90 degree, cloudless, humidity-free weekend in KC and I've been taking full advantage...cancer or not.

For a moment, can we revisit the fact that I ran 3 miles yesterday. It may not be the 6 or more that I was used to running before....but it's a start. If these next 4 treatments are less hard on me as the nurses have suggested they will be, I could start getting back on a workout schedule!!! I've been missing it so much and the plan is to be back in shape to do a boot camp course starting in October! I basically can't wait!

Anyway, for now I'm coasting through, but June promises to be a fabulous month full of vacations, days in the sun, and jogging with my husband. I can't believe June is here, but if it is, I'm going to take full advantage! Hope you all do too!


  1. I was absolutely thrilled to read you completed a 3 mile run! Since your body has been robbed of energy for the last two months, this is an accomplishment beyond measure. Shame on those of us who find all sorts of excuses to escape exercising. You certainly got me back on track.

    Stephanie (mom-in-law)

  2. I am always so amazed when I read your reports. Particularly today - 3 mile run - GREAT JOB......Seems like you try to keep as normal a schedule as possible. Might be the secret.

    You are continually in my thoughts and prayers.

    Karen (friend of Stephanie - your mom-in-law)

  3. YAY! A three mile jog is fantastic! I am so excited that you were able to do that! I know how much you missed working out.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that these next four treatments are easier, and that the one today goes well!
    I miss you and am so glad I got to spend a few days with you and Joe! Next time it will be longer!
    Have a great day and let me know how everything goes today!

    Love ya!