Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Week of the Ambiguous Breast Lump - Day 2-7

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 -

9:00am - Immediately started calling surgeons that I had recommendations for. Within a couple of hours, I had found out that surgeons do NOT get in a hurry to schedule an appointment with you despite a fairly bleak mammography and ultrasound report. Finally find surgeon who comes highly recommended and can get me in on Friday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009 -

All day - Nervous waiting

Friday, March 27, 2009-

1:30pm - Appointment with the surgeon, who I liked (and still like) a lot. After fully reviewing the radiology report, he felt that a core needle biopsy was the best way to go and he wanted to try to get me in as soon as possible.

2:30pm - Arrive downstairs in the same medical building for core needle biopsy procedure absolutely shocked that they got me in the same day and on a FRIDAY nonetheless.

The Core Needle Biopsy - This is supposedly a painless and easy procedure that is slightly more horrible in practice than in theory. And it is important to note that one of the real risks of this procedure (though it may not happen that often) is a punctured lung. That really puts an already racing mind at ease, let me tell ya.

So...they numb the area with the same stuff that dentists use...I was really hoping for something stronger. Then they stab you with a GINORMOUS needle. While all of this is going on, they have an ultrasound machine going to make sure they're taking a sample from the core and to once again measure the lump. Additionally, during the biopsy, they take another, closer look at the lymphnodes in the nearest armpit to make sure they look healthy. First good news of the week: My lymphnodes looked good! The radiologist then stabs you repeatedly and you hear load clicks as he takes the samples (4 of them in my case). When he's done, I bleed a very long time, look very bruised, and then they force me to do YET ANOTHER mammogram just so they can take a picture of the tiny metal marker they have placed inside the tumor to show where the biopsy was taken from.

Let me take a moment here to say...I had no idea how many procedures radiologists perform. I really just thought they looked at films taken by others and then sent them on to other doctors for diagnoses. I have truly underestimated their role. Another radiologist will reappear after my diagnosis to do more procedures...look for that coming soon.

5:00pm - Go home no more confident in a beningn outcome mostly because I had nurses asking to pray with me, doctors telling me I "did good" to find this one and a biopsy "is a very good move here," and everyone was being much nicer to me than when I came in.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All Day - There is a distraction in sight so that I don't just sit at home and mull all this over. Kristen, Matt, Joe (the husband) and I head off to Branson, Missouri for the Mrs. Missouri pageant. The day of exploring Branson, margarita drinking, and basketball watching, followed by the pageant was a brilliant distraction. Kudos to dear Mrs. Heather for getting first runner-up! If only your question had been equivalent to the rest (i.e. What is your opinion on the clubbing of baby seals? or Do you hate puppies?)...instead Heather was essentially asked to present a five year plan of action for solving the Palestinean-Israeli conflict. Kudos, Heather, kudos!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

All Day - Driving home from Branson lacked the distraction capabilities that driving TO Branson had. Nervousness is back in full force. Pharmeceuticals and half a glass of wine once again needed to sleep.

Monday, March 30, 2009

All Day - Got my hopes WAY TOO HIGH that I would have biopsy results by the end of the day. Heard nothing. Another half glass of wine and an Excedrin PM. Go to bed nearly positive that I will hear something tomorrow, Tuesday. Confident that my hellish month of March will end with the last day of March and April will bring renewing showers, a plan of action, and lots of hope.

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  1. hang in there, I'm hoping for good news for you x