Thursday, July 9, 2009


Thursday, July 9, 2009

I wish I could say I'm just writing one of my usual updates, but today, I have other motives!!

As many of you may know and many of you may not, my husband and I used to live in Los Angeles. When we moved there, we quickly found the world of adult kickball as a means for social interaction and basically just something to do on a Monday night. Through our division in L.A., we found a great deal more than we expected--we found a fun activity, a social circle, and lasting friends. For this reason, it was only natural that when we moved to Kansas City a little over a year ago, we would seek out the same kind of activity and social circle. Indeed, we found that Kansas City also had a World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) kickball division and we promptly signed up. Joe and I participated in one full season last fall and as spring 2009 approached, we were greatly looking forward to playing another season on a brand new team called El Guapo!

Sadly, as you can guess, just as the season began, I received my diagnosis. I have been unable to play in this kickball season (though I did make it to one game), despite my name still being on our roster. That gosh darn breast cancer--always getting in the way and screwing stuff up. It's always the damn cancer! :)

WAKA kickball, though a fun and social activity, also requires each division to select a charity each season that they will raise and donate money for. When I had to withdraw from the season, I made a suggestion to our division's president that our charity for this season be Susan G. Komen for the Cure-the Kansas City affiliate!!! They took my advice. This season we have been raising money for this charity that I now hold so very close to my heart. What's more...THEY'RE DOING IT IN MY NAME, so what I'm about to ask of you is even more important to me!

As you may or may not know, Susan G. Komen raises money for breast cancer awareness and research to find a cure. You SHOULD know since I frequently mention this particular charity on this blog...but this brings me to my point!!! Our kickball division is doing something called Mammopalooza in order to raise money for the charity! Check out the website below for the details.

Just click on the "Donate" button to donate. Make sure you include your name AND my husband and I's team name in the "purpose" field.
Joe and I play for "EL GUAPO"! It is vitally important that you include our team name so that our team gets the credit, because yes...there is a reward. They primary reward is the good feeling you get from giving to a good cause, but you're also helping Joe and I to get our next season of kickball free!

It's incredibly easy to donate...just click a button and input some info online. You just input your credit card info and it's completely secure. I assure you!

So yes....I am totally that person who asks you to donate money to the cause I'm supporting, but really please consider it!!! You can donate $1.00 or $100.00...or more if you want! :) Anything you can afford and want to share is appreciated! Trust me, I totally understand if you want to let this one pass you by! Just making you aware of the opportunity to give!

Thanks everyone for humoring me on this one! Consider it! THE DEADLINE TO GIVE IS JULY 31, 2009!

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  1. Very good thing you are doing. Count us in! Chris and Kathy